Say Goodbye to That Saggy Old Sofa

Say Goodbye to That Saggy Old Sofa

Leave your furniture removal to the pros in Port Charlotte, FL

How do you plan to haul that heavy old couch to the dump? With furniture removal services from Tweety Bird Inc. you won't have to. Rather than strapping your discards to the top of your car and hoping for the best, you can count on our experienced team to take care of them for you. It's that simple.

Contact us today to schedule your furniture removal.

Ready to part ways with your outdated and unused items?

When you hire us, we'll get rid of all your unwanted furniture items and appliances so you don't have to lift a finger. You can rely on us for your:

Broken-down hot tub removal.
Worn-out washing machine removal.
Chintzy old couch removal.

Our skilled team and specialized equipment will make short work of your junk. Call 941-883-1654 now to schedule a hot tub removal and more in the Port Charlotte, FL area.